One can ideally learn a lot from nature provided what you are looking for.


  • A good affiliation with nature can give wisdom superior to knowledge. One needs to open one heart to receive and absorb the lessons from nature. Observe and surrender!

I would like to quote this line of William Wordsworth, what I found amusing is how the poem echoes the faith in nature. The poem ´the tables turned´ emphasizes how one can attain knowledge in the circle of nature. The poet says that if you are looking for a path to get to the deeper meaning of life and is in search of wisdom.

  • "Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher"

- William Wordsworth

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) after the summer solstice marking the birth anniversary of Ved Vyas every year. Guru Purnima is dedicated to the enlightened spiritual masters (gurus), may it be your parents, teachers, and a friend. Guru or the teacher is the individuals who guide us to the ultimate truth that we are seeking in life. Symbolically, this day is considered the very auspicious day to begin spiritual lessons by showing gratitude to your teacher. 

In Sanskrit, ´gu´means darkness or ignorance, and 'ru' denote the remover of that darkness. Guru Purnima is celebrated on full moon day, as the moon symbolizes the light evading the darkness during the night. Ideally, the day is celebrated thanking the guru/teacher, he one who frees us of ignorance´. Nature is man's teacher, teaching us how to maintain a balanced life, to think clearly and scientifically, help us to connect spiritually and achieve our goals in life.


On this auspicious day, this year I would like to pen down a few words on how nature is constantly guiding me to be patient and observe the things which I can not control. One can ideally learn a lot from nature provided what you are looking for. Be it the transition, we see throughout the year, or how the sun rises every day after the long dark night. Nature nurtures her creations and also distracts them mercilessly to nurture again. I would like to inculcate this attitude of enhancing a sense of spiritual connection towards my goal or even my work. 


  • "Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence“― Alfred Billings Street


Personally, spending hours outside be it walking or just in nature has been my constant niche when I seek solitude. It helps me to bring another perspective and in maintaining a balanced life. What I have learned so far is to not overcome joy or succumb to our sorrows and fears. And let go of thoughts that import suffering, usher my senses to be present and observe. Take a break and smell the flowers, watch the buzzing and butterflies fluttering, daydream or do whatever makes you feel happy. 

In the video, I made it a point to show what we are made of, what we can learn from nature, and use our skills to inspire the minds.

  • Coexist: Learn to respect each other as we all coexist on this planet, so live and let live. 
  • Presence and Immersion: When I find my thoughts in chaos, I take a walk to untangle my thoughts and come to the present, and immerse myself to live the moment.
  • Always keep moving: Living the life of uncertainty has challenged me in organizing my task, I had to cultivate the idea of making plans just for a day rather than planned my whole week. 
  • Unstoppable focus: I read the human mind can concentrate for about 20 minutes before it gets distracted while being in nature helped me focus by pacifying my mind of the distractions. 
  • Sensory awareness: Watch the birds fly, practice peripheral vision while blinking, take mental snapshots, listen to nature's conversation, take a barefoot walk. 
  • Authenticity: A walk in nature helps you to align your thoughts in a non-judgemental environment, without any influence building an authentic self-awareness.  
  • Awe and wonder: The wonders of nature ignite the thoughts and make one curious to learn, to inspire, embrace change, acquire new perspectives. 
  • Naturalist intelligence: Is about gaining a new skill from the environment as we protect them
  • Powerful elements: Understanding the power of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire and never underestimate them, these elements can create and destroy any soul. 
  • Introspect and reflect: The process of looking within introspecting one's emotional state of mind, as you reflect on your actions and behaviors.  


Change is inevitable; the sooner we embrace this, the better it is for us. Let us not get anxious about what is next and work on being present and enjoy the moment. Live life, love, be strong and confident, laugh obnoxiously and be excited about things that inspire your creativity. Practice observing things that cannot be controlled, be still, and close your eyes. Look within yourself, feel the warmness, feel the sunshine and the wind. Listen deeply, take a deep breath, and surrender to nature!