Ministers validate such processions and attend the parades to show their support by monitoring the event as citizens walk down the street.

Ministers validate such processions and attend the parades to show their support by monitoring the event as citizens walk down the street.

Abid Raja, minister of culture and gender equality in Norway joined the women parade in Oslo.  Photo: Even Stigstad.


  • "The year 2020 has been very special to me. It has been more challenging than ever! In terms of the number of failures, rejections from PhD applications, lesson that I’ve learned, the joys of getting ahead one project at a time, realizing the worth of every second of an hour, and when I look back to what I have overcome so far has definitely made me a stronger woman than I could ever believe."


International Women’s Day is about gender equality, and yes, we are still fighting for this as the importance of gender balance in empowering the world. The campaign had started a week before March 8th, and I had actively participated in a few of the events over the week, including workshops and parades. 

International Women’s day is titled “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights” and the campaign #EachforEqual. The campaign addresses the women who have achieved milestones and will be an inspiration to every individual. March 8, 2020, is a call of collective individualism celebrating women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements while marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.   

In over 50 years of spacewalking, it was the first time in history where two women were on task to fix broken parts on the International Space Station. In October 2019, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir created history by completing the first spacewalk involving only women. I would also like to mention Gini Rometty, the current Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM. Another name is Megan Markle, who took ground-breaking decisions of withdrawing from all royal duties and moved to Canada with her newborn and husband. Just before the year ended, one of the fearless writers was recognized for her impeccable work in Journalism, and Christie Blatchford made her way to the Canadian News Hall of Fame. 


Charge incubators organized the event; the guests spoke about their struggles while building their empire. It gave a lot of confidence to young entrepreneurs, a path to refer to as they take the next step to build their business. There was no competition; there were no resentments, just a crowd of women supporting each other, a sisterhood driven to empower the world.  

Født Fri



Født Fri/ Born Free is a young foundation that fights for freedom and equality, intending to change old stereotypes and negative social control. The organization represents a new way to unite the fight against honor and shame culture in society. Immigrants who do not speak fluent Norwegian but who fight for the same freedom values, which follow their conscience, are ostracized, isolated and left without opportunities, or referred to forums that oppose peoples' groups against each other.


The road here has been long enough and characterized by silence, by invisibility. The motto is to no longer accept this trend of silence, nor accept that our own must choose platforms where neither the press ethics. This is the reason Født Fri is actively working to include even our most controversial activists." The purpose is to fight for the good and to find solutions to help those in need." It seems like a bit of a hassle, but - when are you going to define more precisely which things to fight for? It requires compromise and cooperation across the political spectrum and the ability and willingness to speak to different types of interest groups.


#EachforEqual refers to each individual is no better than and no different from anyone else while everyone is unique but at the same time alike. It rings the bell to take this as a challenge in urging every individual to make a difference in society and the workplace by standing for your worth, breaking stereotypes, speaking out, bringing new perceptions, joining hands with other women, and walking towards progress. 


The parade began at point A- Youngstorget to Parliament road, and back to point A, we walked along with other organizations with the same motivation #EachforEqual. Abid Raja, minister of culture and gender equality in Norway, joined the Født Fri organization's parade. I have not met any ministers considering the country I come from. Ministers validate such processions and attend the parades to show their support by monitoring the event as citizens walk down the street. 


To me, watching Abid Raja walking with the crowd and hooting “no forced hijab for young girls” was an experience itself. I am awestruck by his aura. He emanated a powerful, brooding air with his energy. I am delighted to be part of this parade as I walked with such diligence for #EachforEqual, and I guess the article published in this newspaper says it all!